Gabrielle first met Xena shortly after she reformed and traveled with her wanting to be a mighty warrior just like the warrior princess herself. Despite Xenas initial reluctance she quickly grew fond of the talkative young woman and the two are now practically inseparable. As time went on Gabrielle decided that although she admired Xena she didnt want to become a warrior, which would mean killing and hurting and has been looking for a way to help people in her own way.

Gabrielle is the official queen of the Amazons having received the right of cast from their princess after trying to save her, and later taking the place of their Queen. Although Gabrielle turned over rule to Ephiny in her absence she is still respected as the Queen of the Amazons whenever she visits.The Amazons also taught Gabrielle to swing her staff, which is her weapon of choice and which she fights with expertly.

A practicing bard Gabrielle posses a gift for telling stories that can capture the audience, many of those stories about Xenas adventures.

Gabrielle's blood innocence was lost when she was forced to kill after being attacked by the god Dahak. Gabrielle was impregnated with Dahak's child which Gabrielle named Hope, wanting to believe that despite being the daughter of an ultimate evil like Dahak the girl could become a good person and Gabrielle tried to show the good in her, even protecting her from Xena and almost permanently severing their friendship. In the end though Hope was no more then a vessel for evil, and after several attempt's of hers to lead the world in the coming of Dahak Hope was eventually stopped by Xena and Gabrielle.

Gabrielle has recently been on a spiritual quest, trying to find her calling, and the best way for her to help people. She thought for a time she found it with the warrior Najara, who at first glance was defeating warlords and reforming them to a way of peace and enlightenment. Gabrielle quickly discovered that Najara was mad though, killing anyone who wouldn't reform to her ways.

Shortly after Najara, Gabrielle left for India with Xena looking for her answers there. Gabrielle and Xena had a run in with another false sign Gabrielle may have found her answers in the form of a Guru named Aiden, who made Gabrielle think she found peace when his only agenda was to drain her goodness to sustain himself. She then did find her answers through a man named Eli, an Avatar to the gods of India who taught Gabrielle there is one truth, a way that practices a non-violence and a reverence for life. Gabrielle has taken to this new philosophy, tossing her staff, the weapon of choice sense joining the Amazons, and vowing the way of love.

Gabrielle was recently captured along with Eli and his followers by Roman soldiers. Xena managed to free them but Gabrielle returned to help Xena and when she saw her in danger drew a sword and choosing against her way tried to save Xena. She ultimately failed and was crucified along with her friend and comrade. After dieing and going to heaven Gabrielle, like Xena became mixed up in a battle taking place between Heaven and Hell, before her former mentor Eli resurrected their dead bodies. Gabrielle gave up the path of love to continue with Xena. After Xena gave birth to Eve, both Gabrielle and Xena were frozen for 25 years. Once the two re-entered the world Gabrielle had some adjusting to do to with her family and friends. She traveled with Xena to Chin only to lose Xena for all time.