01. Fallen Angel 1999-09-27 calendar

After being crucified by the Romans, Gabrielle's soul struggles to save Xena, who literally becomes a demon from Hell. (Source:Studios USA)

02. Chakram 1999-10-04 calendar

Xena has no recollection of being a warrior after she and Gabrielle are resurrected from the dead by Eli. (Source:Studios USA)

03. Succession 1999-10-11 calendar

Ares merges Xena and Gabrielle into the same body and forces them to fight Mavican, Ares' potential right hand. (Source:Studios USA)

04. Animal Attraction 1999-10-18 calendar

Xena, Gabrielle, Joxer and Amarice travel to the town of Spamona, where Xena is shocked to learn that she is pregnant. (Source:Studios USA)

05. Them Bones, Them Bones 1999-11-01 calendar

The spirit of the evil Shamaness Alti attempts to capture the soul of Xena's unborn child. (Source:Studios USA)

06. Purity 1999-11-08 calendar

When Xena returns to Chin to recover Lao Ma's book of power, she must defeat one of Lao Ma's twin daughters, who wants to acquire the power for her own evil purposes. (Source:Studios USA)

07. Back In The Bottle 1999-11-15 calendar

Xena must master Lao Ma's powers to save Gabrielle, Joxer and the people of Chin from a militia led by the evil spirits of Pao Ssu and her brother, Ming Tien. (Source:Studios USA)

08. Little Problems 1999-11-22 calendar

Gabrielle and Aphrodite have until sundown to save Xena's soul from being trapped inside a young girl forever. (Source:Studios USA)

09. Seeds Of Faith 2000-01-10 calendar

Eli takes on Ares in an effort to overthrow the gods and Xena finally learns the true identity of her baby's father. (Source:Studios USA)

10. Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire 2000-01-17 calendar

To avoid a war over who gets possession of Terpsichore's lyre, Xena organizes a battle of the bandsin this musical episode that reunites Xena with her mother Cyrene, Joxer with his twin brother Jace, and Gabrielle with a lovesick Draco. (Source:Studios USA)

11. Punch Lines 2000-01-24 calendar

Gabrielle and Argo are shrunken into miniature versions of themselves when they cross paths with Lachrymose, the god of despair. (Source:Studios USA)

12. God Fearing Child 2000-01-31 calendar

Xena's baby is born after Hercules steps in to battle his father Zeus, who learns that the birth of the child will signal the end of the Olympian order. (Source:Studios USA)

13. Eternal Bonds 2000-02-07 calendar

When Joxer is wounded by a poisonous sword intended to kill Xena and Eve, it's up to Gabrielle to get him to the antidote while Xena combats armies sent by priests of the gods. (Source:Studios USA)

14. Amphipolis Under Siege 2000-02-14 calendar

Athena wages war on Xena's hometown of Amphipolis in an effort to kill Eve and stop the Twilight of the Gods. (Source:Studios USA)

15. Married with Fishsticks 2000-02-21 calendar

When Gabrielle is knocked unconscious into the sea, a merman convinces her that she is his wife and the mother of three. (Source:Studios USA)

16. Lifeblood 2000-03-13 calendar

Xena and Gabrielle travel to the Amazon village to make Eve an Amazon princess and discover that it's up to them to prevent unnecessary bloodshed in a vengeful war. (Source:Studios USA)

17. Kindred Spirits 2000-03-20 calendar

Joxer breaks Amazon laws that force Queen Gabrielle to choose between settling down in the Amazon village and life on the road with Xena. (Source:Studios USA)

18. Anthony & Cleopatra 2000-04-17 calendar

When Cleopatra is murdered, Xena assumes her identity to uncover the assassin and protect Egypt. (Source:Studios USA)

19. Looking Death in the Eye 2000-04-24 calendar

Old Joxer obtains a scroll describing Xena and Gabrielle's attempt to trick the Fates into bringing about the twilight of the gods. (Source:Studios USA)

20. Livia 2000-05-01 calendar

After 25 years, Xena and Gabrielle finally escape their tombs of ice and immediately go in search of Eve. (Source:Studios USA)

21. Eve 2000-05-08 calendar

Xena must decide whether she can kill her own daughter, who continues her murderous campaign to eliminate Eli's followers. (Source:Studios USA)

22. Motherhood 2000-05-15 calendar

With the lives of Gabrielle and Eve hanging in the balance, Xena faces the gods in a final showdown. (Source:Studios USA)